Sorftware Engineering Projects

These are some of my software engineering projects. I'm in the process of updating my projects and I'll add more soon.
Please note that some projects are private because of the University of Maryland's Computer Science policies.

iOS Projects


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Bike Tracker

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Card Image of Project done in C.

A command line interface based on the Unix Bash shell. Supports boolean operations, pipes, and file redirection

Card Image of Project done in Ocaml.

Given an input string it allows the user to recognize and run expressions and/or statements. corresponding to the input


Card Image of Second Project done in Ocamel.

Handles conversions from NFA to DFA, and regular expressions to NFA

Card Image of Project done in Java.

This project represents an AVL Tree with a relaxed balance condition. Its constructor receives a strictly positive parameter which controls the maximum imbalance allowed on any subtree of the tree which it creates.


More coming soon..